I do not know my size of finger ?

An easy way !
Take a string and surround your finger without tightening, then measure the dimension of the string in centimetres.
It is then enough to convert the centimetres into size. Example: 6,5 cm = size 65.
The turn is played!
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Are the rings adjustable ?

Not, the way in which they are assembled does not make it possible you to regulate them.
The rings have a certain size according to your request and increased then if need be.
If for example it is indicated size 65 and more, the 65 is the minimal size available.
It is thus important to be precise on the size desired during the ordering, because we adjust the jewels according to these indications.
Nevertheless, the copper wire as the silver wire are relatively flexible.
You can thus adjust your ring, if it is slightly too large, by pressing it on your finger.

To obtain clips of earrings ?

Also do not hesitate to contact us for any request for adaptation out of clip of a model of earrings we will make our to better answer has your needs!

Do my jewels remain single ?

Each part worked by our care follow your request scrupulously and are not only elaborate for you.
Your models and data remaining completely confidential.

I want of a part created especially for me ?

It is precisely our work, on order a jewel with your intention, overmeasure.
Describe to us what would make you desire: type of jewel, matters, colours.
Or even, send to us a photograph of a behaviour which you wish to match, who it is for your pleasure or at the time of a particular event.
Contact us: we will estimate together your needs to work out an estimate and will transmit then photographs jewels carried out to you for you, to be able to conclude your order.

The stones used are certified systematically ?

We have on Bangkok of one the more university in gemmology and there on the spot exists a very large variety of stones available.
We indicate the name of the stones and let us make them certify after your agreement on the costs of their insertions and their qualities.

Do the jewels contain nickel ?

Our providers guaranty jewels pure silver 925 without nickel, in accordance with the legislation.
Independently of that, if you are allergic to metals.
One of the frequent causes of allergy is the important acidity of perspiration, speak with your dermatologist.

Does copper have specific properties ?

Matter of Michel Viard, in his book joint affections: copper supports the synthesis of haemoglobin and the good performance of the nervous system as well as the control of the inflammatory reaction.
Copper attenuates the symptoms of arthritis.
The fact of carrying bracelets coppers some permanently would protect from very reached arthritis.

You about finish or silver jewels, that in is it speaks ?

We can propose to you finishes for earrings out of solid silver 925/1000ème, as will attest it their punch .925
For the jewels which we manufacture in silver wire, this wire is manufactured in workshops of jewellery.
It is not punched for technical reasons (smoothness of the wire), but also because there is no legal requirement in Europe punch the silver items of less than 30 grammes (3 grammes for gold).

How to have the guaranty that my payment is protected ?

To guaranty a maximum security of your purchases to you, we work only by credit transfer within 8 day following order.
Failing this, and after a mall of recall, the order will be regarded as null.

Are my sequence controls developed ?

Your fidelity is our priority, and we offer a special service to you and to know for a guaranty of satisfaction.

How can I sponsor a person ?

We summons open to any kind of partnership, and has to study your conditions

Which are the delivery charge ?

The sendings are made in Parcel recommended or by TNT.
The time little to vary from one or two weeks, and the salesman cannot be held for person in charge in the event of going beyond of this time.
Into International, the delivery charge is established with 22 % per kilo.
The custom charges must be taken into account and be to study.
For the deliveries, the ordered items are imported in the country of destination by and under the responsibility for the customer: the purchaser commits himself regulating all the taxes due to the importation of jewels, customs duty, tax on the added-value, and all other taxes due under the terms of the laws of the country of reception of the order.
The salesman releases himself in fact of any legal liabilities if the payment of the taxes were not carried out by the purchaser.

Which is the delivery time of my order ?

The shaping of your jewels is implemented as of the first day of the reception of your first payment (approximately 30 has 50 pourcent value elaborate).
Once realised in agreement with your requests (photo, ext. ) and following your last payment.
You will be able to follow the routing of your order using the number of parcel which you will receive by mall, at the time of the notification of sending.
The salesman is not responsible for the delivery times indicated by the conveyor.
If you did not receive your parcel after more than one week, contact us by mall.

I received the parcel, but it is in bad condition ?

The jewels are packed carefully, in a hard-bound parcel. Nevertheless, if the parcel arrived to you damaged, you must refuse it by specifying parcel too much damaged on the form of the Post office.
At the conclusion of the postal investigation (21 days), I will reforward you your order.

And if the jewels are not in conformity with my order ?

If it happened that an error occurs during the delivery, return to us the parcel which must obligatorily be turned over in its packing of origin, to be in perfect state, accompanied by the corresponding invoice, and to be dispatched in Recommended.

With reception, after checking of the conformity of the item, we will carry out an exchange without any expenses for you, while taking charges the costs with them carriage of the return and of réexpédition.

We will then be refunded to you by credit transfer.

No return in against settlement will be accepted.

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