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Solid Silver

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

The 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

Our silver jewelry.925 consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.50% copper.

Why Solid Silver Is Mixed With Another Metal ?

The answer is simple :

Pure silver is a metal too malleable, so it is very difficult to make solid silver jewelry to wear.

This alloy of silver and copper gives the jewelry the robustness necessary for their confections - In Thailand, where our silver jewelry comes from, only copper is used .

This blend is practiced and recognized throughout the world, the jewelry that is treated with this alloy is punched with the 925 mark (Punch of guarantee - A 925 punch means that the jewel is made with at least 92.5% pure silver and authenticates the quality of the precious metal)

As mentioned above, in Thailand Nickel is excluded by our artisans who use only copper to make the alloy silver.925 recognized by all the states of the world.

All our silver jewelry made and exported comes from Thailand.

They are made entirely by hand by artisans recognized for their know-how and with whom we maintain close relations.

All our silver jewelry.925 carry the 925 guaranteed punch.

Order with Kg of Pure Silver for the implementation of your 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

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