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LED lamps

LED light


  • 10 x lower consumption than traditional filament bulb.
  • Durable.
  • Quality: LED lighting, ranging by colors " warm white "yellow - 3000K ; " warm white " white/blue - 6000k ; " day white " natural white - 4500K
  • Release very little heat, proof of a very limited consumption.
  • Wide choice of light bulbs and stylish luminaires.
  • Advanced technology
  • Immediate lighting
  • Strength
Halogen with transformer TBT (Very Low Voltage) 220 V Incandescent Halogen ECO Fluo with compact Fluo ballasts


12 V
Halogen with transformer TBT (Very Low Voltage)

220 V
Incandescent halogen

ECO Fluo with compact Fluo ballasts


Of 10W to 100W

Of 5W to 500W

Of 7W to 30W






2000 to 4000 Hours per year.

1000 to 2000 Hours per year.

5000 to 10000 Hours per year.


Very good

Good enough


The +

- More of safety
- Longer duration thanks to the transformer
- Average price

- Beautiful lighting
- Warm color
- Possibility of variation
- Large number of uses
- Compact
- Not expensive

- More economical
- Large Lifetime

The -

transformer :
- Expensive
- Fragile
- Cumbersome

- Not economical

- Cumbersome
- Expensive
- Deflect colors
- No possibility of variation
- Higher price


For use in :
- Bathroom
- kitchen
- Entrance
- Blackboard
- Office
To be mixed with other lamps.

For use with dimmer :
- Energy savings up to 20 at 30%.
- Lamp protection for long life.

Use :
- For outdoor luminaires
- Depending on the location of the lamp
- Without sensor
- Indoors on specific products
- By mixing the lighting
- Do not turn on and off too often

Fluorescent lamps :

In discrete tubes or compact lamps, they offer several shades of lighting, from the hottest to the coldest.

Some have a screw cap or bayonet cap to replace any standard bulb? With a lifetime 5 to 6 times greater !
You will keep them longer if you limit the frequency of switching on and off.
Their consumption is so low that it is often preferable to leave them on.

The incandescent lamp :

This is the standard formula.
More the lamp it's powerful, greater is the efficiency.

Thus, to recover the performance of 100W, You will have to gather 6 of 25W ! Incandescent lamps must be replaced before grilling, because after 1000 hours of use, They lose 15% of their flow and consume just as much.

Halogen lamps :

Belong to this family. More compact, they also last longer (2000 hours minimum), without ever lowering efficiency.

The light they diffuse is very close to that of the day, the balance of colors is fairly well respected especially on blue and violet.

They exist in normal voltage (220V) and in low voltage (12 and 24 V).

Low-voltage halogen lamps (12 or 24 V) :

Today's lamps offer sophisticated, economical lighting.

Ideal for the development of particular areas (office, board, ...), they create a precise and intensive light beam.
They require a transformer which is generally found in the device.
The use of the 12 or 24V bulbs makes it possible to achieve significant energy savings : at equal power a low voltage lamp has a luminous flux that is 50% higher than a lamp operating at 220V.

It also provides absolute electrical safety.

Our advice :

It should be noted that a halogen lamp does not handle like an ordinary lamp, the contact with the fingers can lead to irreversible deterioration.

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