The adapted light

If The bulb contributes to the lighting quality, it is not necessary to minimize the role of its support. It is he who directs light.

The scattered light :

scattered light

The light source is concealed behind a diffuser. This is the case in particular with the classic floor lamp or the bedside lamp both of which offer a soft and nuanced light and eliminate glare from the bulb.
You will find this intimate lighting in the bedroom or living room.

Direct light :

Direct light

It is the " useful " lighting whose main function is to illuminate the different centers of interest of a house : Worktop and cooking area, dining area, leisure area in the main room, ...
In this category of light : spotlights, desk lamps, suspensions

Indirect light :

Indirect light

The floor lamp uses the ceiling or the top of the wall as a reflector to project its luminous flux. The light is thus reflected and much softer, the whole piece benefits. Large stars of indirect light, The halogen lamps have power dimmers to modulate the lighting according to the needs

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