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Teack Wood

  • Originating in India, of Malaysia, of Laos and Thailand, it became spontaneous in all Asia.
  • It is now cultivated in all the tropical and subtropical areas. Best teak is in Burma.
  • TEAK wood is a tropical tree which produces an invaluable and imputrescible wood recommended for the manufacture of the bridges of boats, of pieces of furniture of garden.
Teak Wood
  • Teak is tree of a slow or fast growth, according to the circumstances.Its trunk is right and cylindrical and can reach a diameter of 1,5 m for a height of 27-30 metres with 10 to 20 m under branches and a round houppier being able to culminate to 46 Mr.
  • The sheets of teak are opposed and measure 30 to 60 cm length.They are broad-elliptic, velvety.He flowers each year starting from the age 20 years.The flowers are grouped in cyme, white, odorous.
  • The fruit is a round and edible drupe produced in abundance.
  • The seeds can remain in dormancy during many years before germinating.
  • The colour of wood varies from pale yellow with bronze or reddish beige with dark veining.Sapwood is white.It is a half-hard wood, which is worked easily.Its density is from 600 to 800 kg/m3.
  • The fibres are right and rigid with the tight grain easy to work and of a very smooth completion.It contains a natural oleoresin which makes it extremely resistant to the climatic aggressions hardest and of a very great duration in time (There exist old teak beams of more than 1000 years).
  • It is not attacked by insects, nor 'exceptional thing' by termites.
  • A single characteristic makes that teak does not cause corrosion nor of oxidation of metal to its contact.
  • These properties make an exceptional wood of it, can be the first in the world.
  • He is particularly appreciated by naval construction since the end of the XVIIe century And also for the construction of pieces of furniture especially of outside, industrial equipment, of bridges, although he rotted very easily out of fresh water.
  • For the parquet floors, woodworks and for turning.
  • The cabinet work appreciates its tight and fine grain.
  • These properties make an exceptional wood of it, can be the first in the world.
  • He is particularly appreciated by naval construction since the end of the XVIIe century And also for the construction of pieces of furniture especially of outside, industrial equipment, of bridges, although he rotted very easily out of fresh water.
  • Teak presents important medicinal properties exploited in several traditional pharmacopeias:
  • gum : mix aperitif side masala
  • oil seeds : capillary growth, eczema, shrew
  • seeds : purgative, weakness, puffiness, fever
  • fruits : diuretic
  • flowers : diuretic
  • juice of the flowers : apéritive soft drink, headaches, gastric acidity
  • sheets : purgative diabetes, haemostatic, dépurative, vulnerary
  • bark : astringent, anthelminthic, dépurative, bronchitis, hyperacidity, dysentery, diabetes, leprosy, dermites
  • wood : diabetes, dermites, mouth ulcers, gingivites dyspepsias pyrosis, worms intestinal
  • roots : anurie

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Pahudia Cochinchinensis
(Maca Wood)


Maca Wood

  • Maca is also known as Mai Maca.
  • Sometimes it is referred to as a type of Ironwood due to the hardness of the wood.
  • There are other species of trees in the Afzelia Genus with similar properties and most of these other species come out of Africa.
  • However, the Asian species is typically the Xylocarpa.
  • The heartwood from Maca wood is reddish brown in color.
  • The red color in the Maca lumber is lighter than the reddish color of the Pyinkado or Padauk lumber.
  • The color will deepen with age and exposure.
  • Grain lines are straight and there is no odor to this wood.
  • This is an attractive, luxury class red wood.
  • Its beauty and strength make it ideal for use in cabinetry, sculpture and flooring.
  • The wood is highly valuable and used for many purposes, including high quality furniture, wood carving, and house construction

Maca Wood * Propertis *

Scientific Name
Pahudia cochinchinensis

Trade Name

Family Name

Afzelia cochinchinensis
maca wood
Common Names
Beng, Go-do, Thit-lawt

Regions of Distribution
Oceania and S.E. Asia

Countries of Distribution
Burma, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
Medium to coarse
Natural Durability
Drying Defects
Tree Size
Tree height
is 30-40 m
Fairly easy to
very easy
Cutting Resistance
Easy to saw
Fairly Difficult to
Very Difficult to saw
Moderate to saw
Poor to Very Poor
Fairly Difficult to
Very Difficult
Fairly Easy to
Very Easy
Resistance to Impregnation
Permeable heartwood
Permeable sapwood
Response to Hand Tools
Easy to Work
Veneering Qualities
Veneers easily
Veneers moderately
Suitable for peeling
Strength Properties
Shrinkage, Volumetric
=very small
Shrinkage, Volumetric
= small
Max. crushing strength
= medium
Max. crushing strength
= high
Hardness (side grain)
= soft
Hardness (side grain)
= medium
Hardness (side grain)
= hard
Bending strength (MOR)
= high
Numerical Data
Item Green Dry English
Bending Strength 13576 20956 psi
Hardness 1656 lbs
Maximum Crushing Strength 5408 8171 psi
Volumetric Shrinkage 7 %
Item Green Dry Metric
Bending Strength 954 1473 kg/cm2
Hardness 751 kg
Maximum Crushing Strength 380 574 kg/cm2

Oxford School of Forestry

The Wood of Maca is also called May Maca.
Sometimes it is designated under the id of iron wood due to its toughness.
There are other species of trees in the Afzelia kind with similar properties and the major part is in Africa.
However, the Asian species are typically the Xylocarpa
The heartwood of Maca is of reddish brown color
The red color in the wood of framework of Maca is lighter than the reddish color of the wood of framework of the Pyinkado or the Padauk.
The color reinforces itself with age and the exhibition.
The lines of the fibers of this wood are direct and it doesn't have any odor.
It is a wood attractive of luxury, these tones brown red are very sought-after.
Its beauty and its strength his/her/its ideal for an use in the bathrooms, the sculpture, the framing of door, the doors and the floor.
It is a wood very valued and sought-after, including for furniture high-quality, cut it, and the construction of house.

Maca ( Photo Gallery )

maca wood
Maca heartwood grain up close
maca wood
Maca sawn timber
maca wood
Maca parquet tongue and groove flooring 1 x 4 x 36
NAME Maca, Afzelia xylocarpa (Kurz) Craib
OTHER COMMON NAMES Makamong, Maramond, Pahudia xylocarpa Kurz, Pahudia cochinchinensis Pierre, Afzelia siamica Craib, Afzelia cochinchinensis
FAMILY Fabaceae Caesalpinioideae
What does this mean ?
JANKA HARDNESS 2600 (Very hard wood)
What does this mean ?
What does this mean ?
CUTS AVAILABLE Tongue and groove parquet, Sawn Timber
FEATURES Heartwood light reddish brown with subtle grain. Extremely durable and stable. Resistant to rot, termites and fungi. Very hard wood with light reddish tone.
TYPICAL USES Heavy durable construction, flooring, high quality furniture, wood carving

Cuts Available

Parquet Flooring

1 x 2 x 12 and up
1 x 4 x 14 and up
1 x 6 x 36 and up
1 x 8 x 36 and up

Measurements in inches
Sawn Timber

There are a range of sizes available in standard sawn timber

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The tree of Takian

This magnificent tree of the forests of Asia of the Southeast, is known for its big resistance to the bacterial attacks and to the bugs in all kind.
During centuries, its wood has been used to construct the houses, of the boats, to make some the sculptures that tell the history of the society and biodiversity
The takian is a tree that, by its chemical and mechanical qualities, resist the bugs particularly well and to the decomposition.

In a tropical country, these properties are valorized exactly and it is why one finds quantity of uses of the chengal [...]

From mountains to rivers

One long boat is carved from a single tree.
The two models are flat and pan-shaped bottoms.
Takian wood is the most popular wood used.
They are usually found in the mountains of tropical forests, usually near bodies of water.
The hard wood has perfect strength, buoyancy, weight and durability.
The people also believe that the spirit that dwells within the tree will bring victory and success.
There is generally 4 types of Takian wood (Thong, Hin, Nyu and Yuak) , but the Thong Takian wood is preferred because of its beauty and ?powerful spirit?.

When choosing a tree, the health and the falling of the tree are to be considered. When a tree falls, the wood might break.
The height of the tree is measured with trigonometry or directly with a rope.
When falling a Takian, offerings must be prepared for the spirit.

The Takian tree is also to be avoided in the compound.
The Takian timber is used for the making of boat.
Offerings have to be made before a takian tree is cut down.
Naang Takian spirit if annoyed will give out dreadful wailing sound if proper homage is not paid to her.
She is also a flirt and sings mournful songs to attract wandering men.
The unwitting man goes to investigate a strange sound and finds a lovely young damsel singing mournful dirges.
As he goes nearer and asks her what is the trouble, she will draw him in a fond embrace and squeeze the life out of him.

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