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Service Export Import


business import - Monitoring and International Service

Monitoring & International Service

You want to import or export to or from Thailand ?

You are a business, corporation, a trader, you want to import products from Thailand or peripheral(Furniture , spa & wellness products , decorative items , lamps , perfume oils , statues , sculptures , clothing, computer , etc ... ) ?
Business Import proposes you the indispensable services to the good progress of your imports, our mastery and to know how to make acquirement during the numerous years of practice has our assets permit us an aid and the necessary help to fear your imports better and / or exports of the manufacture have the delivery.

 Import Export & Sourcing

  • Warehouse in Thailand to allow you to gather and to stock your goods of all source in all security, to assure the control quality following your criteria and the conditioning before them of it bets in container.
  • Selection of the most competitive suppliers
  • Visit factories.
  •  Implementation of export strategy

Production Monitoring

  • Define your requirements from suppliers.
  • Adaptation of the product and packaging.
  • Renegotiation of prices.

Quality Control

  • Control during production and before shipment (photographic document provided).
  • Negotiating compensation for delays.
  • Respect your requirements.


  • Organization and support of your missions on the Thais territory.
  • Translation of documentation if necessary.
  • Care and making available of your goods for shipment.
  • Support documents for export and customs clearance of your goods in Bangkok has its end point before sending.
  • Assistance for the expedition of your merchandise until your door.
  • Importer, spa products, decoration, perfumes, clothes, computer, etc ...


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