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Business Import Products
* Pleasure of the Senses *

BUSINESS IMPORT proposes you flowers candles with the delicate and exotic scents with the bright and their delicate balance of pastels colors ...
Colorful candles scented in the shape of flowers for magical atmospheres.
A catalog rich in colors and scents, for the pleasure of all: to or make discover

Flowers Perfumed Candles by Sets

flower candle perfume

Colors Choice : in degraded, linked color, multi colors , ...

flower candle perfume

Fragrance : Straburie; Bluberrye; Magniola; Jasmine; lavender ; Orange; Orchid; Rose ; vanilla ; Fruit; Sakura ; Lemongrass ...

Our Catalog ( Prices Wholesaler on request ) : Flowers Perfumed Candles !

Flowers Perfumed Candles
* Sale wholesaler and semi-wholesaler *

flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume
flower candle perfume

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