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Silver .925 : What is it ?

Silver is a chemical element of the family of metals, represented in the table of elements under the symbol Ag.

Atomic number Z = '47,' its atomic mass is 107.87 for a density of 10.5, it melts at 962 ° and mud at 2212 °.

White, shiny, it is little alterable therefore precious.

It is important to regularly clean the silver jewelry.925 to keep them shiny as at their origin.

Why do silver jewelery sometimes turn black after a certain time ?

As previously explained, certain elements such as Sulfur, or proteins (skin) cause chemical reaction with silver, which causes this precious metal to blacken.

This reaction is quite normal.

The silver.925 is always mixed with Copper to give it more rigidity and it is this one that blackens the silver jewelry.

This phenomenon is also a guarantee of the quality of a silver jewelry.925 and it will be remembered that alloy copy (nickel or other) do not necessarily produce this effect.

For the record and not to be mistaken, we recall that Nickel jewelry, for example, only has a relative density of 8.9 instead of 10.5 for Sterling Silver ...

This does not mean that we must forget to protect our jewelry from the elements that can make them suffer, such as perspiration, sun, skin proteins, perfumes, etc. ...

Silver Jewelry.925 tends to turn black.

As explained above this phenomenon is normal, and this is not an indication of poor quality.

Silver is blackening and you need to know how to maintain it.
It exists on the Thai market a Professional product that we use to clean jewelry and that you can get by contacting us
We regularly use the SILVER BLUE product to clean Jewelry Silver.
This product leaves your jewelry shiny as new and there is no damage on the surface.
Ideal for cleaning for example chains of rings or any other jewelry you have.
Silver Jewelery Professional Cleaner - Silver Blue

For silver jewelery with semi-precious stones the best is to use a small silver velvet cloth and rub on the surface to be cleaned.

Now we have a great mother tip to offer you for your Silver Silver Jewelery that have blackened.

It is very simple and it does not damage in any way the Silver Jewelery.

Here is the procedure:

1) Get a towel

2) Get a toothpaste and a toothbrush

3) Take a SMALL amount of toothpaste between your fingers and apply it on the silver jewel.

4) Immediately afterwards, with your toothbrush clean, rub the jewel (do not bother to rub with all your strength, operate smoothly).
Rub it thoroughly, and if your jewelry contains stones, avoid rubbing them.
(But do not worry if you hit the stones this is not too serious)

5) Once you have rubbed everywhere, spend your jewelry in lukewarm water.

6) Dry your jewelry completely with the bath towel.

7) Your silver jewel is like NEW !!

If some tell you that this great mother tip to clean your Silver Jewelery abyss your Silver Jewelery in silver it is definitely to sell you their cleaning products ... we wash our teeth every day, so no worries !!!

Enjoy your beautiful Jewelery in silver ...

This trick will allow you to reuse your Silver Jewelery without any problem...

In case your Silver Jewelery are very black, a good method is to clean them with a Miror Argentil formula product, which you can easily find in all the drugstores, hardware stores and supermarkets.

We hope that our advice will help you

Jewelry Silver 925

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Jewelry Silver 925


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