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Jewelry Silver

Silver jewelry.925




Silver jewelry.925









A complete offer
Sterling Silver for Silver.925 Jewelry
Model jewellery set in 925 Sterling Silver
Fashion jewelry necklace silver.925
Models Fashion Sterling Silver 925 Jewelry
Handmade jewelry silver.925
Handmade jewelry silver.925
bijoux artisanaux bracelet argent.925
Jewelry of your creation at your request :
Jewelry Boxes
Stone Bracelet
Chain of ankle
Bracelet Stones
Cross and Medals
jewellery set in 925 Sterling Silver
Zodiac Pendant
Body Jewelry
Sets of all kinds
Toe Rings
Ankle Chains
Fashion Jewelery
Model 925 sterling silver jewelry earrings

Model jewelry bague en argent 925

Model jewelry bague en argent 925

The 925 sterling silver
The realization of a bracelet opens with a choice of forms and extended colors facilitating the imagination and the creation.

In silver, the earrings must combine fantasy and the comfort of silver hypoallergenic ( Guaranteed without nickel ).

Your RINGS made of silver, noble and precious metal, set with fine stones, mother-of-pearl, shells or simply all silver, no matter what finger it will be worn...

To your pencils, we will realize them.

Choose to see your silver jewelry by selecting its range if you want to make a specific jewel such as a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, earrings or a pendant, silver jewelry and jewels stones by classifying it by theme :
.: THE AIR :.
Silver jewelery, all silver
Silver jewelery inlaid with mother of pearl or shells

Silver jewelry and fine stones, amber, lava, or granite

.: THE FIRE :.

Red jewelery, set with red stones or red coral

Jewelery decorated with a heart for a tender message
Your choice of design goes on a silver jewel for the beauty full of simplicity of this precious metal, you can also give it originality and modernity.

Bet on forms of jewelery declined in unusual forms or basic and timeless models, allowing you to adapt them to your desires of the moment and your tastes...

And if your tastes tend more towards color, fantasy, even exuberance, orient yourself on jewelry associated with colored and natural materials.

All silver jewelry made by us will be made of solid silver with legal title of 925 and punched in accordance with the laws.


Silver offers the greatest light-reflecting power of all metals.

The Silver was once the monetary metal par excellence, but nowadays it serves primarily used for the production of banking ingots, ingot-jewelry and medals.

For other uses, silver is alloyed with base metals, mainly copper, sometimes zinc.

Cultured pearls and stones depend on a local industry aside.
(amber, coral...)



925 silver and sterling silver jewelry by weight
To guarantee you the best prices for making your 925 Sterling Silver jewelry, the first step is the purchase the rate of solid silver  " Rates - FR " in real time.

Why as from of 1 kg of solid silver ?
  1. The transformation of solid silver in silver alloy 925 becomes possible from this criterion to guarantee you the realization of your silver jewelry.925 at the best price by our craftsmen specialized.

  2. The next step : the perfect matrix of each model or sketch you have sent us.

  3. Realization and polishing of your order - Silver jewelry.925 in total conformity with your directives.

  4. On request * Rhodium plating *

Your Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver

* Find your design - We take care of the rest *

Design ring 925 sterling silver jewelry Design handmade jewelry silver 925

Realization of your Silver jewelry.925 at least

925 silver jewelry earring


In June 2011 for the most stable period, You had to count, Solid silver 1 kg
The silver jewelry.925 finished at 44.50 THB to 50 THB per gram following your order (since the short of solid silver have fluctuated greatly).
1) Realization of a Master (matrix) for each model in full conformity with your directives: size, shape, design, weight of the finished jewels, ...
This MASTER once finalized and validated by you, integrates the stamp of guarantee sterling silver.925 and remains your property.
It is reusable at will, its maintenance remains at our charge if you decide to entrust it to us once your order made available.
Its average cost is 1000 THB to 1500 THB according to the model to realize.

2) The weight by silver jewelry.925 + labor and various operations (300 to 500 THB minimum / working day) + 10% average loss during polishing.

3) The cost of plating rhodium on request to avoid possible oxidation of your silver jewelry.925 (25 to 30 THB by piece in 2011).

4) Stay at your charge : transport, insurance, customs, taxes, ...
We are able to handle the procedures you may be involved in to the best of your interests and demands.

Rates are negotiable in relation to the quantities requested ...
Do not Pay for Silver at Gold Prices

We undertake to achieve them with our best Thai craftsmen.

All the jewels are elaborate thoroughly with the best Thai Jewelers.

Each piece is made by hand in a great detail attention for a perfect finish.

Made in the rule of art blending modern and old processes for the best finish of your Silver jewelry.925 and make you benefit from ancestral know-how.

Jewelry Bespoke Handcrafted Product

Your jewelry in sterling silver.925 in all their Declinations : Jewelry silver.925 matte, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry with polished mirror, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry satin, satin hammered, 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry rhodium, ...

We guarantee the utmost confidentiality for all your documents and data.
Drawing jewelry crafts silver 925

For your requests to insert stones, we use only natural stone, amber, quartz, amethyst, ...

Semi-precious stones, formerly called semi-precious stones, bring brilliance and color to silver jewelery, and so-called "vulgar" stones such as marble, lava and granite can also be used in their composition

Genuine semi-precious stone like garnet, jade, onyx, turquoise, amethyst, ...

Stones & Metals of Jewelery

Precious Metal

Silver Gold Palladium Platine Rhodium

Alloys of Precious Metal

Alloys Gold White Gold Silver Britannia Sterling Silver Billon Electrum

Metals and alloys

Stainless steel

Precious Stones

Diamond Ruby Emerald Sapphire

Fine stones

Agate stone jewelry
Malachite stone jewelry
amethyst stone jewelry
onyx stone jewelry
Pink quartz stone jewelry
tiger eye stone jewelry
topaz stone jewelry
turquoise arizona stone jewelry

Actinote Agate Aquamarine Jewerly Stone Alexandrite Almandin Amblygonite Amethyst Anatase Andradite Anglesite Apatite Aventurine Axinite Barite Benitoite Brazilianite Cancrinite Charoite Chrysocolle Citrine Clinozoisite Cordierite Cornaline Rock crystal Danburite Demantoide Disthene Elbaite Epidote Jewerly Stone Goshenite Garnet Jewerly Stone Hauyne Heliodore Hematite Hiddenite Jade Jaspe Kunzite Lapis-lazuli Larimar Malachite Melanite Microcline Morganite Tiger-eye Jewerly Stone Oligoclase Onyx Opal Painite Periclase Peridot Prehnite Pink Quartz Smoky Quartz Jewerly Stone Rhodonite Rutile Scheelite Sodalite Spessartine Spodumene Tanzanite Tremolite Topaze Tourmaline Turquoise Uvarovite Variscite Zircon

Gems Organic

Amber Copal Red Precious Coral Jais Mellite Goldmeau Pearl

According to your requests and fantasies ! Design handmade jewelry silver 925
You can be assured that you will get authentic stone of very good quality in total coordination to your choices.
Jewerly Ring Sterling Silver

Elaborate your collection of silver jewelry with or without stones

Real craft creations
Size Chart Ring jewelry silver 925

Pendants Sterling Silver, jewelry set, jewelry for man, jewerly bracelet sterling silver, Earrings, fancy jewelry, fancy bracelets, cufflink, silver necklaces and the inevitable ankle chains in Sterling Silver, Jewelery baptism....

Or silver necklaces and stones, silver bracelets and stones, ...

Designs Jewelry craft silver 925

Always beautiful, not always to our liking, but always precious.
Silver jewelery with kg of solid silver

We compare them, We weigh them, we admire them, we try them and we dream of them...

But it is not always easy to find jewelry that combine all the conditions so that they are the object of our choice.

To reflect the personality, it must be original jewelry, jewelry for our taste...

Handmade jewelry silver 925 at your taste


Handmade jewelry silver 925 at your taste
Precious Stones & Jewelry
Handmade jewelry silver 925 at your taste
Thailand has a prominent place in the production of sapphires and is the most important center of colored stones in the world.
The price of precious stones of quality is very competitive, certificates of authenticity provided.
Thai jewelery craftsmen are able to realize jewelry according to international tastes, the price being then subordinate to its degree of refinement.
The gold working (Only 23 carat) is also part of the bargains we can offer you, the price varying according to the weight and the work to be done.
The jewels delivered can be sold at the international prices in force with certificates of authenticity.

Model 925 sterling silver jewelry earrings

Model jewelry 925 sterling silver necklace

Model 925 sterling silver jewelry earrings

Model jewelry 925 sterling silver necklace

Model jewelry bague en argent 925
Through the irruption of Thailand into the luxury jewelery market, the extraordinary artistic and industrial destiny of this country of Southeast Asia.
With its jewelery traditions, the former kingdom of Siam is today one of the preferred manufacturing sites for the major luxury brands.
On a solid silver base, ie containing a minimum of 925 milliemes of silver.
A wide choice of shapes and materials enters into the realization of jewelry silver fancy :
The red coral uses (of the species of the gorgonians) allows the realization of jewelry red carmine to the present forms .
Shellfish are treated differently.
They are first cut, then injected with resin or reassembles in mozaic, for some incrustations of eye of Saint Lucia.
And finally the mother-of-pearl which can be white and nacreous, moiree and irisee, or as nacre de paua naturally colored in tint blue, green, violets and ocher.
Why silver jewelry ?
Because jewelry is essential accessories, they must be original and reflect the personality of those who wear them and because difference is in fact the only way to be recognized in a stereotype world, your models elaborate by your care String of your fantasy, your models of bracelet, ring, fancy necklace, jewelry semainier, earrings light and comfortable.
Then everything is allowed; For a more assertive style we can coordinate the most exuberant jewelry, for those who want to wear them alone for a touch of originality to those who must reflect an image of seriousness and rigor, but to associate them with classic jewelry remains however The tendency most adopted because eclectism, the mixture of genres, offer the possibility of diversity.
And we will certainly agree when I assert that originality can not rhyme with production, so we have chosen to select crafts, realize your projects and see the parks of noble materials according to your choices like coral for Jewelry coral, nacre de paua (the most colorful mother-of-pearl) and others for jewelry mother-of-pearl, fine stones and also lava, marble for stone jewelry, seashells for fancy seashell jewelry, and finally symbols Which enable the carriage of messages.
Handmade jewelry silver 925 at your taste
Order at Kg of Solid Silver
Handmade jewelry silver 925 at your taste


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